Rates as of January 1, 2020

Membership Type

Joining Fee

Monthly Payment

 Youth (3-11)  $30 $15
 Teen (12-18)  $30  $25
 Young Adult (19-26)  $50  $35
 Adult (27-64)  $150  $52
 Adult + 1 Child (under 18)   $150  $52
 Senior (65+)  $150  $45
 Senior Couple  $150  $75
 Family  $150  $90


The Santa Monica Family YMCA does not provide complimentary towel service for workout towels or bath towels.


During the COVID-19 closure, parents wishing to register their children as members to receive the member rate for summer camp can do so by clicking the link below.  After we open, you will be contacted to complete any necessary paperwork to complete the registration.

Joining Fee

Joining fees are non-refundable and non-transferable; they are payable in full when you sign up for membership. If your membership is continuous, the joining fee is a one time fee. If you change your membership category, the difference will be charged. Should your membership lapse more than 30 days, you will be required to pay the joining fee again.

Monthly Deductions

Monthly Automatic Deductions via credit card or checking account. Deduction dates are on the 15th of each month.

Transfer Fee

There is a $50 transfer fee, which will be assessed to transfer to the Santa Monica Family YMCA from another Y. Full joining fees will be charged, unless a transfer letter or a cancellation form is provided as proof of membership at another Y facility that is less than 90 days old.

Guest Policy

Each member receives four (4) complimentary guest passes each year.  All guests must have a photo ID to use the facility.

Membership Freeze

Membership Freeze is available to Adult, Senior or Family memberships and allows members to pay a monthly maintenance fee in lieu of their standard dues. A member can freeze their account one time per every 12 months for a minimum of one (1) full month to a maximum of three (3) full months taken consecutively. The YMCA must receive a written request for this privilege; the Membership Freeze form is available at the Front Desk or CLICK HERE for PDF form. PDF forms may be emailed to membership@ymcasm.org or faxed to 310-451-9906. It is the responsibility of the member to verify the form has been received by the YMCA if the form is faxed or emailed.

  • A $15.00 Membership Freeze fee will be charged, to the bank or credit card on file, each month that the membership is frozen.
  • Bank and credit card drafts will automatically resume, at the full membership rate, following the conclusion of the freeze period.
  • Members may only place the whole membership unit on freeze status and not individual members within the unit.
  • The Membership Freeze form must be completed 10 days prior to the member’s elected bank or credit card draft date.
  • Lockers are not subject to the freeze policy. You will be required to continue locker payments during your membership freeze.
  • When you place your membership on freeze, you may not use this or any other Y facility.
  • No re-joining fee will be required at the end of the pre-approved freeze period.
  • The Membership Freeze Policy only pertains to month-to-month memberships.


Questions about Y Membership? Contact the Membership Department at membership@ymcasm.org or via phone at (310)393-2721 Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm.