Our TeenFit Program is designed to help youth ages 12-14 develop the skills necessary to safely and effectively create a goal based exercise program. Over the course of three sessions with a certified trainer, the teen will learn how to use our cardio machines, selectorized strength machines for full body weight training, and go over the basics of designing their own workout program. After completing the three sessions, the teen will then go through an exam with the trainer. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the teen will receive a special lanyard that designates their ability to work out without an adult in our cardio and strength training areas.

Youth 12-14 who have not completed Teen Fit must be with an adult while in all fitness areas. Youth under 12 are not permitted anywhere in the fitness areas.

TeenFit Program Rules and Etiquette

1) Eyes in the back of your head
There is a lot of foot traffic in the building. Always be aware of people passing through your area and make room for them. Also, be aware of machines that move into walkways when being used (i.e. leg extension or seated leg curl) and do not stand in the way.

2) Working In
By completing the Teen Fit program, you are authorized and permitted to “work in” with other members on machines. If you want to work in with someone, please politely ask them if you can work in. If a member asks you if they can work in, please allow them to.

3) Rough-Housing/Misbehavior
Teen Fit participants seen rough-housing in the Fitness Center or Weight Room will lose their lanyard and the privileges associated with it. Additionally, any Teen Fit participants seen misbehaving in any way in the Fitness Center or Weight Room will lose their lanyard and the privileges associated with it.

4) Kids as Teachers
Teen Fit graduates are not qualified Teen Fit teachers. Teen Fit grads seen teaching non-Teen Fit kids will have their lanyard taken away.

5) Maxing Out
Teen Fit Graduates seen doing as much weight as possible (“maxing out”) in one repetition will have their lanyard taken away.

6) Probation Period
If a Teen Fit participant violates any of the rules and has his/her lanyard and privileges revoked, there will be a 3 month probation period before that participant may ask for privileges to be re-instated. During that time, the teen can workout with a parent but NOT by himself/herself. After the 3 month period, the teen can retake the practical and written exam to be reinstated into the program. If the rules are violated a second time, the teen will be permanently removed from the program.

To get your teen started on the Teen Fit program, please contact Johanna Kracke, Group Fitness Coordinator, at wellness@ymcasm.org or 310-393-2721 ext. 112.