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Facility Policies

Santa Monica Family YMCA Cameras, Photography, and Videotaping Policy

This includes all forms of cameras and all video recording devices.

Security Cameras

The Santa Monica Family YMCA uses video technology surveillance to protect all persons. Cameras are installed only in open/public areas and not in private areas such as locker rooms or restrooms.

Personal and YMCA Staff Access

Personal photography and videotaping are permitted in YMCA recreation facilities with the exception of restrooms and locker rooms. Personal photography and videotaping are defined as media of friends/family obtained informally for personal/private use. Personal photography for commercial purposes is not allowed.

  • Taking photos or videos of adults without their consent is prohibited.
  • Taking pictures or videos of children without parental permission is not permitted and is cause for immediate removal from the Santa Monica Family YMCA facility.

YMCA Staff and Volunteers may take photos or videos in support of YMCA programs, but only with the oral consent of adults and with written parental consent for children.

Media Access

Media access is defined as media obtained and/or reproduced for use by a media outlet. Media access is only permitted with prior authorization from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Reproduction or publication of media of recognizable adults requires their written consent. Reproduction or publication of media of recognizable children requires written parental consent.

Commercial Access

Commercial Access is only allowed as permitted by the Chief Executive Officer of the Santa Monica Family YMCA.  Photographers, videographers, and filmmakers must obtain written permission from the CEO to reproduce any image of the Santa Monica Family YMCA, including its name, recognizable landmarks, buildings, or other representation.

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