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Fitness Classes

Fitness Orientation

Age Group : 15 - 150

A specialized program introducing you to safely and effectively using fitness equipment. This class is conducted in a group setting with a maximum of 3-4 members, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.


One Time Class

During this 1-hour class, our experienced trainers will teach you the fundamentals of using various fitness equipment. Safety is paramount, and you will learn proper techniques and precautions to minimize the risk of injury while maximizing the benefits of each exercise.

The Fitness Orientation class will cover various equipment in fitness facilities, including cardio, weightlifting, and resistance machines. You will learn how to adjust the equipment to suit your body’s needs, understand the purpose and benefits of each machine, and receive guidance on proper form and technique.



Our trainers will demonstrate exercises, provide hands-on assistance, and offer individualized feedback to ensure you feel confident and comfortable using the equipment. They will also address questions or concerns, making this class interactive and informative.


By the end of the Fitness Orientation class, you will have gained a solid foundation in using fitness equipment safely and effectively. This knowledge will empower you to incorporate a broader range of exercises into your workouts, diversify your training routine, and achieve your fitness goals more efficiently.



Please note that the Fitness Orientation class is designed to be a one-time session, providing you with essential skills to navigate the gym environment. However, if you need additional guidance or have specific fitness goals, our trainers are available for paid individualized training sessions or ongoing classes. Membership at the Santa Monica Family YMCA is required

8 Week Course

Age Group : 15 - 150

Our 8-week fitness course is designed to provide you with comprehensive support and instruction to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. The course consists of alternating weeks of supervised instruction and supportive solo practice, with four dedicated topics.



During the supervised instruction weeks, you will receive hands-on guidance and support from our experienced trainers. They will lead you through various fitness activities, including cardio exercises and weight lifting, and provide valuable insights into nutrition. The supervised instruction ensures you receive personalized attention, proper form correction, and expert advice to maximize your progress.

In the weeks of supportive solo practice, you can apply what you have learned independently. Our facilities and equipment will be available for your use, allowing you to practice and refine your workouts at your own pace. While you won’t have direct supervision during these weeks, our staff will still be available to provide support, answer questions, and offer guidance as needed.

This alternating structure of supervised instruction and supportive solo practice allows you to benefit from both hands-on learning and independent practice, fostering a well-rounded approach to your fitness journey. It ensures you receive the necessary guidance to learn new techniques and progress while developing self-sufficiency and confidence in your workouts.



By the end of the 8-week course, you will have acquired the knowledge, skills, and independence to execute your fitness goals effectively. Whether you want to improve cardiovascular endurance, build strength and muscle, or adopt a healthier lifestyle, this course will empower you to achieve lasting results.



Please note that this course is an exclusive benefit of membership, and each member can register for it once. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative fitness experience. Join us today and take the first step towards a healthier, stronger, and more confident you. Must be a Santa Monica Family YMCA member


Teen Fit

Age Group: 12- 14 Years Old

A specialized program tailored for teenagers aged 12-14. This class is designed to introduce teens to the safe and effective use of the fitness and cardio equipment on our facility’s second floor. It aims to provide teens with the knowledge and skills to navigate the gym confidently.


2 Sessions

The Teen Fit class consists of 2 sessions, allowing participants to learn and apply their newfound skills progressively. These classes are specifically designed to cater to teenagers’ unique needs and interests, providing a supportive and engaging atmosphere.

During each class, our experienced instructor will guide the teens through various exercises and teach them proper techniques for using the fitness and cardio equipment. Emphasis will be placed on safety protocols, correct form, and appropriate use of the machines. The instructor will also provide valuable tips on creating a well-rounded workout routine and understanding the importance of rest and recovery.



By the end of the Teen Fit course, participants will have gained the skills, confidence, and understanding necessary to navigate the gym environment independently. They will be equipped with the knowledge to develop their workout routines and explore various fitness modalities, setting a solid foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness.

If your teen wants to take the next step toward a healthier and more active lifestyle, we invite them to join our Teen Fit class. Our experienced instructor and supportive environment will ensure a positive and educational experience. Sign up today and empower your teen to embrace fitness and well-being confidently.



To ensure a smooth transition and address any concerns, we require parents to sign off on their teens’ participation and join the instructor during the first class. This allows parents to familiarize themselves with the class structure, interact with the instructor, and gain confidence in the program’s safety and benefits.


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