Together, We Can Build A Better Us.

2019 Annual Campaign

Goal $145,000

Everyone is welcome at the Santa Monica Family YMCA. Diversity is celebrated and our common ground promoted. No member of our community regardless of age, income, or background is ever turned away due to inability to pay.

6000 individuals of all ages are expected to participate in our programs in 2019, Over 2500 members of our community will receive financial assistance to be members of our Y or participate in youth programs in 2019, Over $300,000 will be allocated to subsidize our “mission-vital” programs” so that fees can be maintained at affordable levels to maximize participation and community impact. The total costs to operate many of these programs exceed reasonable revenue goals, so subsidy is essential to maintain them. There are many in our community who find the Y affordable, but there are many who need our help as the weekly requests for assistance had not diminished.

A gift to our Y ensures the continuation of our cause driven programs such as diabetes prevention, child care, after school enrichment, day and residence camps, and teen programs: youth and government, model nations, youth classes and sports.

Your gift will make your Santa Monica community better by helping us to reach more people through life-changing programs and services for:

Youth Development: All kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve, under the guidance of caring adults who believe in their potential.  We see every interaction with young people as an opportunity for learning and development – all grounded in the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Healthy Living: We help people and families build and maintain healthy habits for spirit, mind and body in their everyday lives.  By helping kids, adults, families and older adults from all walks of life improve their well-being, we build a stronger community.

Social Responsibility: With our welcoming and inclusive spirit, we bring together people from all backgrounds, and support those who need us most.  We take on the most urgent needs in our community and inspire service in return.  We demonstrate the power of what can be achieved by giving back together.

Our Y is strong because of the continued generous contributions of our community leaders, volunteers and supporters like you. Help the Y reach our goal of $145,000 for 2019 by making a donation to our annual campaign. Every gift makes a difference! We invite you to live our cause and be a part of helping the Santa Monica Family YMCA strengthen our community.

The Y. TM For a better us. TM

The Y uses your gift to make a meaningful, enduring impact right in your own neighborhood. Because of donors like you, no one at our Y is turned away for inability to pay.

$100 a child can attend a youth sports league.

$300 a teen develops healthy living skills and stays fit.

$450 a child learns new skills, responsibility, and a lifetime of memories during 1 week at CAMP BIG BEAR

$550 a senior has a new social network and stays active.

$1,550 a high school student develops leadership skills, learns about all aspects of California government and becomes educated beyond the classroom in youth & government programs, such as MODEL LEGISLATURE & COURTS

Every dollar donated to the Santa Monica Family YMCA has a lasting impact on the people of Santa Monica.  For more information, contact Ana-Marie Schaefer, COO at or (310)393-2721 ext. 140.


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2018 Annual Campaign Donors 

Thank you for making a difference

It is with deep gratitude that we recognize and acknowledge our major donors to the Annual Campaign for their continued dedication and support of the Santa Monica Family YMCA’s mission, programs and services. Together, with your help, our Y is a source of strength and hope to our community, and, as a result, YOU make US possible.

Mahin Abbassi

Joyce Abbott

Katira Abdolrazagh

Harry Abelson

Alyson Albano

Kathleen Alcione

Robert Alford

Erika Altshule

Jo Anne Amiri

Pam Andrews

Peter Arbogast

Armet Davis Newlove Architects, Inc.

Neeti Arndt

Vera Avner

Sylvia Baer

Ishara Bailis

Robert Baker

John Baracy

Judi Barker

Muriel Bates

Robert Becker

Liz Bell

Bill Bennett

Sydney Bennion

Timur Berberoglu

Daniel Bianco

Lawrence Bigler

Berkeley Blatz

Corey Blechman

Janna & Mark Boelke

David Bohn

Jackie Bornstein

Mike Bornstein

Tim Bowler

Joshua Bradburn

Theodore Braun

Stanley Brosman

John Brown

John Bruce

Robert Bruce

Steve & John Bruce

Steve Bruce

Lee Bruhaus

Gerald Bruver

Jane Buckingham

Bill Bujake

Betsy Burcham

Terry Burt

Donna Byrd

Donna Byrd

Robert Calfas

California Mental Health Services Authority

Bill & Katharine Ann Campbell

Raymond Carriere

Bret Carter

Anna Caruso

James Casalor

Stefan Chan

Kristin Chapin

Anna Cherkasky

Melissa Christian

John Clarizio

Don Cohen

Spencer Colbeck

Kay Colberg

George Collins

William Collins

Commercial Bank of California

Megan Connolly

Conqur Endurance Group

Dolores Cortes

Michael Cortrite

Cox Paints, Inc.

Tiffany Current


Scott Davies

Vania De Assis Williams

Joseph Deering

Spyros Dellaportas

Barbara Des Marets

Robert Dickey

Robert Digiacomo

Darlene Dillinger

Leslie Dobbins

William Dolinsky

David Dorfman

Lanna Duncan

Patty Dunn

Sara Ensey

Peter Evans

Wendy Fairbanks

Patricia Farris

Polina Faynerman

Ruth Fellah

Kingsley Fife

Yoriko Fisher

James Fleigner

Thomas Fleming

Charles Follette

Barbara Folsom

Stanley Fox

Jordan Frank

Clara Frazell

Brothers Fresh

Eula Fritz

Jun Fujita Hall

Sharon Gavin

Cassie Geibel

Mike & Theresa Geibel

David Gershenson

Matthew Gibbons

Gilson Family Fund

Donna Glasnow

Golden Road Food Services, LLC

Diane Good

Diane Goon

Terry Green

Whitney Green

Carol Greenbaum

Jay Griffith

Monte Grix

Rachel Guerra

Kristi Harris

Charles Hart, Jr.

Charles Haskell

Steven He

Marilyn Hedges

Norman Helgeson

Kathleen Hill

Donald Hoffman

Kathy Irby

Jeff Jarow

Adam Jolivet

Michael Jones-Morales

Susan Judd

Cheryel Kanan

Daniel Kanan

Debbie Kanan

Nicole Kanan

Tamira Kanan Tuttle

Laurie Kasper

Laurie Kasper

Tweeny Kau

Yunghee Kavanagh

Alan Kennedy

Kerri Keslow

Jackie Kittaka

Kiwanis Charities of Santa Monica

Noriko Koda

Leonard Kolod

Frederick Kuhns

Margaret Kuhns

Paul Lanyi

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

Lawrence P. Frank Foundation

Joyce Leanse

Damon Lee

Mimie Lee

John Lehne

Paul Leoni

Daniel Lerner

Katie Levy

Sharon Levy

Lifetouch Portraits

Klara Linetsky

Brian Linnekens

Lions Club of Santa Monica

Steve Litvack

Yuxiao Liu

Rozaliya Livshits

Barry Lloyd

Patricia Loggins

Liz Lydecker

Timothy & Elizabeth Lynch Charitable Fund

Adriana Maggiora

Diane Margolin

Monty McCormick

John McIntire

Junko McLean

McNairy & Baker, Attorneys At Law

Rebecca Mejia


Dorothy Menzies

Wendy Merritt

Jo Moonves

Robert Moore, MD

Anthony Morris

Janice Nadelhaft

Misae Nakatani

Estefania Natale

David Nathan

Greg Naylor

Kathleen Naylor

Larry Naylor

David Nelson

Network for Good

Victor Newlove

Victor Newlove

John Newman

Felicity Nussbaum

Kelly & Patrick O’Horo

Ken Ollweiler

Leticia Orozco-Bruce

Pacific Western Bank

Josh Passman

Susan Patterson

Anne Pavy

John Phillips

William Pirtle

Planex Associates Inc.

Kurt Plevka

Tara Pomposini

David Poyet

Providence Saint John’s Health Center Foundation

Richard Pruden

Hal Quigley

Muhit Rahman

William Randle

Moham Reghabi

David Reisbord

Andrea Roberts

Mary Lois Roney

Roy E. Crummer Foundation

Francine Rozenkopf

Madjid Sabourian

Santa Monica / UCLA Medical Center

Ana-Marie Schaefer

Gabriele Schkud

Beth Scholze

Jeff Segal

Sam Semaan


Elza Shabsovich

Vonda Shepard

Jonathan Shu

Adrian Shymko

Allan Silverstein

Richard Singer

April Smith

Nathan Smith

Susan Smith

Janet Sobell

Southern California Edison

Spitfire Grill

Squid & Squash Foundation

Alison St.Onge

Michael Stearn

Marvin Steinberg

Barbara Stelzner

Bethany Stokes

Sunnin Lebanese Cuisine

Christopher Sutton

Arthur Szenczy

Silvana Szpoganicz

Tomiko Tamae

Denise Tessier-Gluzerman

The Boeing Company Gift Match Program

The Bradmore Group

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

The Dansco Corporation

The Santa Monica Star

Emily Todd

Joanne Toledano

Deborah Tomasi

Peggy Tonkonogy

Tony P’s Dockside Grill

Talar Toprakjian

Nathaniel Trives

Elvira Tsatsulina

  1. Scott Tucker & Associates

Tamara Turovskaya

Damian Valdivia

Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, AIA

Irma Vargas

Irma Vargas

Richard Vasak

Viking Charities

Robert Voeks

Julie Volpe

Vivian Volpe

Jarvis Wakefield

Seth & Ami Waller

Hank Walther

Henry Walther

Kay Ward

Tully Watson

Matthew Waynee

Jonathan Wechsler

Jessica Weiler

Shel Weinstein

James Wesley

Nicole White

Alexandra Whithorne

Bessie Whithorne

Cameron Whithorne

Douglas Whithorne

Marcus & Dani Whithorne

Veronica Whithorne

Linda Whiting

Lesley Williams

William Wolhaupter

Lisa Woon

Jonathan Wray

Marcus Yamami

Arman Yesayan

YMCA of the USA

Kimi Yoshida

Y’s Men’s & Women’s Breakfast Club